Get the real scoop about chemicals that are hiding in your favorite products...

-Ask a question about a chemical 
-Read about chemicals to avoid 
-Learn about safer alternatives 
- Try recipes for home-made products 
-Discuss the issues with all of us.  

  (This is an educational resource by Bubble & Bee Organic)   


You're probably already aware of the risks of chemicals like sodium laureth sulfate and parabens, but you may be surprised to learn that there are over 20,000 chemicals used in personal care products today. The demand for natural personal care products has grown to be an 11.7 billion dollar industry. In the wake of this exponential growth, consumers are searching for answers to complicated questions. Which chemicals are safe? What’s actually natural? What companies use which chemicals? Many consumers may hear that a certain chemical is “bad” but may be unclear or unsure why. Utah's own organic product expert Stephanie Greenwood of Bubble & Bee Organic is about to change all that.

Stephanie created this blog because both her local and Internet clientele are inquiring about product ingredients and their safety on a daily basis. Readers rely on Stephanie’s knowledge and ability to put complicated issues into an easy-to-understand format. They will learn about the thousands of known harmful chemicals potentially added to their every-day personal care/cosmetic products--even some of the mainstream natural brands.

Each day (or so) she'll investigate and analyze another ingredient, uncovering the level of chemical risks found commonly in toothpaste, shampoo, lotion, soaps and more. She will discuss what makes each ingredient a risk, how it's used, what known products it's in, and how to avoid the chemicals. Plus Stephanie will prove it doesn't have to be expensive to make the switch to organic products by offering effective easy-to-create D.I.Y. alternatives to most products.