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Q. Is TEPRONONE safe!!!??? I am a little uneasy since it has effects on cancer cells but I am not sure if it is safe to use topically for wrinkles?

A. My investigation on this ingredient was quite surprising.  I expected to find lots of information indicating that this ingredient was harmful.  But, after research, I found that it actually has many positive benefits with low toxicity.

Teprenone's other name is geranylgeranylacetone. 

These studies found it to have promise in fighting colon cancer:

This study found it to inhibit ovarian cancer:

Teprenone, aka, geranylgeranylacetone is what's known as a heat shock protein inducer.  When the body's cells endure stress, particular proteins are released to help protect these cells.  In the body, geranylgeranylacetone stimulates the creation of these proteins, thus giving cells resilience and protection from inflammation, free radicals, and other damage to DNA, and may be the mechanism whereby this chemical has its anti-tumor effects.  (Source) So, it's actually a chemical with some interesting promise. 

But, what does this mean for your skin, and does teprenone really delay or "correct" skin aging?

There is no medical or scientific evidence that suggests that teprenone repairs, protects, or has any benefit directly on skin.  The theory is that due to its DNA-protective effect, teprenone helps to protect skin from damage, and thus delay or repair ageing.  But, there have been no peer-reviewed studies on the subject, and no clinical trials to back up the claim. The only studies that have been done are those that the creators of this chemical did for the application of the patent.  Hardly an independent, non-biased source. That's not to say that it does or doesn't have these effects.  They just simply haven't been proven. 

Another thing to consider...Any product bearing an anti-aging claim is making a drug claim, and would be regulated by the FDA as a drug.  Any anti-aging drug must label and use an active ingredient that has FDA drug approval.  Teprenone is not an FDA approved drug ingredient, so a product claiming that teprenone has active anti-aging benefits is being illegally marketed. 


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