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"Coconut Derived Surfactants"


I wanted to ask you about "Naturally derived surfactants from plants/Plant based surfactants," and, "Coconut derived surfactants." I've seen these ingredients (and other name variations) on a lot of soaps at the health food store...but is it just a cover-up for using SLS?


Thanks for your question!  It's a really good one.  What are "coconut derived surfactants" or "plant-based surfactants?" Well, there's no way for us to really know. It's pretty common to see this listed on household cleaning products like laundry detergent and dish soap.  That's because legally, they're not required to disclose their ingredients. If you do see it on a cosmetic product (shampoo, shower gel, etc) it is an illegally labeled product, as these are not proper INCI ingredient listings. "Coconut derived surfactant" can refer to practically anything, from something as innocuous as coco glucoside, to something more harmful like SLES. If you do see a product listed with these ingredients, contact the company and ask them for the exact INCI names of the chemicals used in their products.  

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In your product line:

what shampoo would you recommend for grey hair?

what shampoo would you recommend for dandruff?

what brand green tea is best?

I love your products and just started using pit putty.

Thank you so much.


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