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Today's Chemical:


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What is it?

Beznisothiazolinone is used in cosmetic items as a preservative. It is used on an industrial level as a biocide on buildings (to kill fungus on roofs and buildings) as well as a preservative in paints and cleaning products. 

What type of products is it found in?

Hand wash, sunblock, air freshener

What are its risks?

  • Has been found that when used in air freshener products, benzisothiazolinone is cytotoxic to lung cells, creating free radical damage to these cells. (Source)
  • Exposure can lead to allergic contact dermatitis and skin sensitization. (Source)
  • The Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (EU) has advised that it not be used in personal care items due to lack of data as well as its potential for skin sensitization. (Source)
  • Animal studies have observed reproductive effects when administered orally at high doses. (Concentrations in household/personal care products are thought not to be high enough to have an effect on human reproduction, however.) (Source)

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