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Sodium Coceth Sulfate

Today's Chemical:

Sodium Coceth Sulfate

EWG Risk Score:

1 (Should be higher)

What is it?

Sodium coceth sulfate is a surfactant/detergent similar to sodium laureth sulfate. Instead of isolated lauric acid (used in sodium laureth sulfate) it uses the full spectrum of coconut fatty acids.

What are its risks? 

  • Sodium coceth sulfate is created with the carcinogen ethylene oxide, traces of which and its carcinogenic by-product 1,4-dioxane can remain in the finished product. 
  • Generally milder, but a potential irritant. (Source)

Bottom line:

Sodium coceth sulfate is to sodium laureth sulfate as sodium coco sulfate is to sodium lauryl sulfate. Sodium coceth sulfate may be more gentle on skin than sodium laureth sulfate, but it poses the same contamination risks.  

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